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CNC Cutting Services

CNC Cutting Services

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Cutting Services

At Jupiter Design & Manufacturing, we provide CNC cutting services using an HPR260 CNC HyPerfomance plasma cutting system. This system could provide many benefits: 

  1. Dross-free cuts on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum:
    • Dross results from material that is melted, but not removed during the cutting process, resulting in an uneven surface finish where cuts were made. 
    • Older plasma system often required parts to be processed after cutting to remove dross. 
    • With an ultra-concentrated plasma stream, we can:
      • cut material up to 1.25" without the need for any secondary processing. 
      • cut through carbon steel up to 2.5" thick.

  2. Maximum efficiency and clean cuts attained by advanced software control:
    • At Jupiter, the cutting head is controlled by advanced software that takes information from the CAD drawing of the part to lay out all of the indicated part features. 
    • The speed of the cutting head is controlled by the software throughout the process, taking the material thickness and cutting geometry into account. 
    • These factors are important for attaining maximum efficiency while still providing a clean cut.
    • As a result, we can efficiently cut sheets up to 224" in length and 141" in width.

  3. Minimizing operating costs: 
    • Previously, to process such a wide range of material thicknesses, a shop had to purchase a laser cutter for thin material, a plasma cutter for medium thicknesses, and a flame cutting system to accommodate heavy plate. 
    • However, with the advances in technology, we can cut everything from thin gauge aluminum to heavy steel plate using a single cutting table, reducing our operating costs and allowing us to pass these savings on to customers.

  4. Fulfilling all customer's orders of any volume with the shortest lead times:
    • Whether you need a few prototypes or a high volume quantities, our lead times are among the most competitive in the industry. 
    • When quoting a lead time, the scope of the project and the customer's scheduling needs are taken into account to provide a turnaround time that best meets the customer's needs. 

For additional information about our CNC cutting services, please contact us directly.

Material: Aluminum
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Maximum Material Thickness (Carbon Steel): 2.5 in
Maximum Material Thickness (Stainless Steel): 1 in
Maximum Material Thickness (Aluminum): 1 in
Maximum Length: 224 in
Maximum Width: 141 in
Machinery: CNC Trumps Trumatic Punching 2010R
Hi-MED 12 in x 12 in Bandsaw
Messer HPR 260
File Formats: AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ)
Capabilities: CNC Turret Punching
Medium and Heavy <
Press Brakes 10 ft
TIG/MIG Welding